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Vintage Wrist Watches in UK

Please Note ! Vintage watches are up up up in price and desirability. Invest now as a timepiece will appreciate more then money in the bank with no interest,

Our Company is very much in demand and we need stock now to satisfy our customers requirements .  Please email us with pictures, your estimated price recent offers or Valuations  and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Please note! we are the Vintage / antique timepiece experts , offering collectible investments which you can use and enjoy.purchasing one of our timepieces or wristwatches for investment is a wise choice . on average, in five years or less you will find your investment appriciating rapidly. Now is a good time to invest in a rare collectable be it a wrist or pocketwatch .

Feel free to ask our advice on awcfollowups@aol.com

The shop will close for annual summer break soon. The workshop will function as usual. 
Please note most Rolex watches are view by appointment only.  They are not usually on display in the shop. 

 This catalog of the latest trend accessories is definitely a must have. We have a large exclusive collection of  vintage and recent wrist watches and pocket watches. Originally designed and created for the time piece, but now the function of watches has outshined its original function ahead of its confines. It has now turned out to be the fashion statement and necessity amid the numerous fashion accessories available. People are on the go associating them with prominence symbols. Formerly acknowledged as merely watches, wrist watches are worn for a range of reasons today Few people purchase watches to their exactitude with respect to technical aspects whereas some procure them for their aesthetic, Vintage and Antique appearance. This is the prominent reason for some people to spend thousands and even millions to purchase vintage watches. We present this exotic collection of vintage wrist watches based  in  the UK. In our collection we even have the old and new! Our range goes from Trench watches launched during World War 1 to Breitling, Omega and Rolex watches. The Trench watches were designed to be worn on the wrist for providing convenient and easy time telling while under fire.

Our Antique watch assortment comprises of antique watches which preserve originality, time, quality, designs and mechanical bearings used to create such masterpieces. All the pieces with us are thoroughly inspected by the experts for originality and damages in bridges, screw heads, plates and burred or worn parts, along with the extra polishing if necessary. This polish tends to distort the bright shining surface of the watch. We ensure the watches are free from scratches, gouge and discoloration. Most importantly we cross examine the dials for any minor and major indentations. Since these watches are second hand corrosion can be a factor so we pick the best examples to offer for sale. We prepare and restore/service all our watches in house on site in detail. All watches are throughly tested before offered for sale. Check out our gallery for branded watches - Rolex Omega, Longines and more. The Seamaster watch is available in different colour dials like silver, black and blue along with sapphire crystal, helium release valve and orange accents. The models which can be purchased from us are vintage seamaster speedmaster and constellation, vintage dynamic, military and art deco models. Planet Ocean Big Size, Aqua Terra Annual Calendar, Planet Ocean Chrono, Planet Ocean, Ploprof 1200 M and Aqua Terra Chronometer. There are in numerous casing sizes, colours, movement and bracelets.

The Rolex page of our site includes different types and styles of Rolex watch some examples being a 1940's Rolex bubble back 9ct gold with bracelet, vintage Rolex Oyster date watches, Rolex oyster perpetual date, Rolex GMT, Rolex Submariner, Rolex Roulette and many more that can be viewed and bought from our rare Rolex collection.

Don’t forget to check out the precious, must have Omega watches. Love at first sight with the beautiful designs and mechanisms! One of the most desired luxury watch brands of late with history and integrity.  The Omega Constellation is very much in demand. They are known for their attractive styles, longevity and other unique features like embellishments of colored stones, scratch resistant crystal and co-axial escapement. The choices are endless and if we don't have exactly what you are looking for then we can hold onto your details and keep you updated with any new stock that matches your requirements! Why waste more time?

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A good reliable watch repairers with knowledge of vintage mechanical watches. Not many watch repairers around any more. Established in 1975 we have years of experience and expertise. 


Make an appointment before you arrive so it makes sure we will be there to see you on that date. Please phone or email us  the day you want to visit.