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Old watches are the stylish and classy slice of history, which,when you wear makes you feel and be a part of history.  An enjoyable fashion piece to wear and collect which comes from a time in our history; its obscure intrinsic mechanical engineering makes it a tiny beautiful piece of personal appreciation . If you are an enthusiast, lover or collector of old watches we are pleased to offer you  vintage original old watches in UK clerkenwell Ec1 and give you the opportunity to buy pre-owned watches from our old vintage collection. Learn about the stories and the times past with vintage watches. 

What are the experts set to locate and supply the original antique?

These Antique watches come in many sizes, shapes and with wonderful background stories, but whenever you are planning to buy one, be attentive that some vendors are looking to sell less then original ,the fake , copy or imitations of the vintage old watch or old watches. Counterfeits are on every corner from seller aiming to fetch the quick buck while you are left with a fake product. These imitations are made up of cheaper and lighter components and are typically devoid of the original logo like the one possessed by most antique luxury watches. Also the major feature of characteristic serial numbers bestowed over every time piece is missing. The easiest way of escaping from the trap of these fraudulent people is visiting us and select your classic time piece with all authentic verifications from our establishment of over 35 years. We provide you the information up front when you opt to avail our services we believe in dealing with completely satisfying and convincing genuine timepieces. Here you will discover  an amazing variety and great prices in terms of value for money. We are a seller of repute and come with a detailed authentic product description and warranty on most if not all modern vintage and antique pieces.

All Old Vintage watches demand care!

One more major point of consideration is, these old vintage watches normally require a slightly more preservation and maintenance than any other classic look regular modern watches. One to mention is you regularly have to wind them up, no batteries here sir! The delicate internal engineering system demands proper cleaning of its fine parts and gears housed in the casing. If the internal movement gets dirty or dry, we cater cleaning  watch service overhaul facility at our watch repair and maintenance center in house on site workshop.

Select from high end brands such as Rolex, Cartier Omega Longines Breitling Heuer and many more. Whatever is your budget and taste in terms of style and looks, there are plenty of time pieces offered for you are fully tested prior to sale. The great thing is the prospect to find discontinued and older rare individual watches and timepieces. Some so called original vintage watches are widely available but not to tour standard. We specialize and come across watches from decades in the past that are in  amazing admirable condition, even to the extent of having original papers and box.

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A good reliable watch repairers with knowledge of vintage mechanical watches. Not many watch repairers around any more. Established in 1975 we have years of experience and expertise. 


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