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Antique watches are valued both aesthetically and functionally. One of the growing hobbies is collecting vintage watches which reflect novelty and romance. It is a micro-engine wrapped over your wrist and defining every moment and time for you. Buyers looking for these watches can visit our product catalogue to find authentic, genuine and legendary timepieces which are otherwise niche to locate. But beware of the fake replicas which look more or less similar to the antique watches but are an imitation created out of low quality and less weight material. Antique Watch

What do we present in our Antique collection?

We present unique antique watch London collection, which maintains its originality, design, time, quality and mechanical bearings fixed to create an extravagant structure. We inspect the watches thoroughly by our technical team of experts and make out if the pieces are original ones and not tempered with and also check if there is any damage to bridges and plates, screw heads and burred scrapes. We even investigate the extra polishing which hinders the edges of the case of watch and tend to lose their bright sharpness and this explains the revelation to wear and tear and thus low priced and valued watch. Also look for easy detectable signs of neglect such as discoloration, scratches and gouge. Dials are cross checked for major and minor indentations pertaining to original screws. Corrosion test is also carried out which reveals the watch being immersed into water directly or indirectly. The antique watches available with us justify their pricing as well. The detailed report regarding every piece is prepared and mounted for the use of consumers and in return it satisfies their queries and doubts about the antique time pieces.

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Why antique collection is referred to as valuable collection?

These antique collections can be part of your vintage collection which can fetch you high quality investments and returns as it tends to appreciate in terms of value after certain period of time unlike other things which depreciate with time. The only requirement is to keep them shining and in good original condition. Other than this the nostalgic reason for picking from our collection is the owing one aesthetically crafted timepiece by gorgeous craftsmanship. Its availability in different interesting styles and looks make it diverse for possession. As these watches are previously worn and used by many users it brings along the various stories and history together to add some glorious memorable moments to the present generation. Come learn about these vintage antique watches and feel the change with us.
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