Purchase Breitling Watches in UK

We are very pleased to announce ready to buy antique breitling watches in UK. These Breitling watches are another high in demand watches which were basically used by officers in tench's. They make unique set of collection.
Breitling watches

The History of Breitling watches

This was launched in the of wrist watches unlike the pocket watches they were much easier to keep a check on time. This specific quality of Breitling watches were adorned during First World War as the officers got a chance to be more attentive without losing any second over pocket watches. The case of ladies breitling watches has screw front and screw back it bears glass and it's circulated. Till 1920 the case was devoid of engravings. The movement is longines. The most unique feature of the case is that it is made out of 18 CT solid gold. It was created for both men and women as the grip and fitting of the watch were very smooth.

Such kind of description will definitely make you fall in love with this collection. To actualize your love and demand to buy breitling watches in UK we present you with very stunning, attractive and dazzling vintage breitling watch.

What do we offer to our prestigious customers?

The one in our kitty for you is creation of early 1920's crafted out of 18CT gold defined as longines wrist watch. The watch is well maintained and is available in good working condition delivering perfect timings. The watch has no marks of dents, engravings or repairs. The sigh of authentication can be seen in terms of beautiful original enamel dial. It is bestowed with the quality of excellence with respect to 16 jewel movement. The case of the watch is signed by AB, the case makers in 1920 and also the case is completely hallmarked. The dimensions of the watch are recorded with us and can be shared with potential customers during the time of queries. To maintain the stunning vintage look the watch comes packed in a case. The other specific features of this watch which makes you think about it are flexible lugs screw front and back lids, brass button, clean condition of enamel hands and watch CIRCA.

Some other option to pick from is Navitimer which is special mechanical chronograph with different technical and functional style cult object for all fervent aviation enthusiasts. It is equipped with circular slide rule makes it easy to handle during calculations. It comes with guilt edge security system.
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