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The wrist watches were initially issued formally to British armed forces during the end of the World War I. These watches were known as Trench Watches. Generally there were two types of watches. The common one had diversity of 15 jewel movements and various designs of screw back case which was actually dust proof. These watches are large in size and built with solid craft.

Trench Watches

The characteristic features of trench watches were like;

The dial: The dials employed a set of black enamel with outsized distinctive numerals. The hands of the watch were in the cathedral style. Traditional typical dial had luminous hand and numerals which were painted with radium. Whereas the first issues of these watches were built with the combination of silver paint and black enamel. Later issues were created with bold white numerals over dark black background.

The movement; the movement were rare and unique and build up of gilded design.
The case: it's of standard 3piece design no inner corvette and hinged case back, which can accommodate a watch with 12 mm wide strap.

We bring you the stunning range and collection of trench watches for sale and the available trench watches in UK are:
  1. Longiness Borgel Silver Trench Wrist Watch CIRCA-1916
  2. Re All English Made Rotherhams 18K Gold Ladies Wrist Watch CIRCA-1914
  3. Silver Half Hunter Trench Wrist Watch - One of the first made type CIRCA-1915
  4. Early Silver Colonial Trench Style Watch by John Elkam Ltd. -1925
  5. Longiness Trench Style Wrist Watch with rare Centre Seconds
  6. Hamilton & Inches Edinburgh rare Trench watch with Shrapnel guard WW-I
  7. Trench Watch Chronograph Silver rare wrist watch CIRCA-1920
  8. Hebdomas rare 8day silver Trench watch - Enamel dial -CIRCA-1900
  9. Longiness Silver medical trench watch rare center seconds midi size- CIRCA-1917
  10. Silver Wrist watch with rare screw Bezel, CIRCA-1925
  11. Silver Hunter Wrist Watch WW-I Trench CIRCA-1916
  12. Trench Watch by Reid and Sons 9CT Gold case screw front CIRCA-1917
  13. Longines Borgel Trench Silver Wrist watch Signed for J.W. Benson CIRCA-1918
  14. English rare Rotherhams one of the first 18k Gold ladies wrist watch hallmarked London-1915
Few of the outstanding performer Trench watches are;
  1. Telephone type dial Hamilton and inches silver wrist watch hunter trench watch CIRCA-1917
  2. English rare Rotherhams one of the first 18k Gold ladies wrist watch hallmarked London-1915
  3. Old Vintage Military silver rare pilot Watch made to wrist watch CIRCA -1915
Trench Watches1
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