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Historical Information About . The First Moscow Watch Factory On April 12 1961 Yuriy Alekseevich Gararin took with him into the first space flight in the history of man a watch called the "Shturmanskie" which was made in this factory. The watch successfully sustained the space trial.
In 1959 the Kirov’s Factory got special order to develop reliable wrist watch-chronograph.
So the “STRELA” 3017 with big column-wheel movement and 45-minute counter was born.
It was developed under the big secret. Strela intended only for command structure of
Soviet Air Forces and Troop of Cosmonauts and was issued under military inspection.
It never was on open sale. In 1965 pilots-cosmonauts Pavel Belyayev and Alexey Leonov
with the chronograph STRELA for the first time in histories of astronautics left in open cosmos.
So STRELA was the first chronograph visited cosmos and the first watch visited in open space.
Today the staff of the First Moscow Watch Factory maintained close contacts with the cosmonauts: during the time in space soviet cosmonauts observed the factories devices of time. In 1977 marine chronometers and deck clocks from the First Moscow Factory cruised to the North Pole on an atomic-powered vessel "Arktika" and sustained the ordeal with honour. According to the results of the work in 1991, 1992 and 1993, the factory was awarded International rewards "For quality". The First Moscow Watch Factory is the pioneer of watch manufacturing in the USSR. Almost all types of man's mechanical watches in the USSR, that were famous, were developed and produced in this factory. The watch is in working order. Highly collectable and hard to find This watch is for sale, Ready to wear, The watch has been cleaned and service and it is in mint condition be quick before it goes All items are guaranteed 100% genuine, authenticated by watch master repairer and 50 year shop owner, hope all customers are happy with their purchase, Please read the description and look at all the pictures carefully. Almost all of our items are pre-owned,
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